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VR Porn: Have You Ever Thought What a VR Headset is for?

What makes people enjoy watching porn? Is it a lack of fantasy in real life? Is it a way to fight boredom when a person is alone? About 15 percent of all the websites on the Internet are related to pornography and free milf. Statistic data speak for themselves: porn is an acknowledged way to relax and release stress.

Have you ever heard of a virtual or augmented reality? It is a completely new virtual world created around a gamer or viewer by means of a VR headset together with the special format of content. Thus, a viewer is submerged into the ambient created by a game of a movie.

What is common between these two types of entertainment? The porn in the format of virtual reality. This is an unforgettable and incomparable experience for a viewer who dives into the plot of an adult movie and almost participates in it.

Specifics of VR Porn:

  • To watch an 18+ film in VR format, it is necessary to buy a VR headset which used to be a costly gadget. Though, nowadays, it is possible to purchase one at a budget-friendly cost.
  • VR adult movies can be watched on the most of devices, however, the amount of content is still limited. The problem of lacking content is actively solved by the leading filmmakers like Naughty America or PornHub.
  • Those who have already experienced watching VR hot films claim that this technology has changed the porn business forever.
  • With the modern development of VR technology, a viewer has got the possibility to turn head and check what is happening behind. Of course, this is not the most important which wall or window is at the rear, while a hot actress or actor is undressing in front. However, such detailed scenery creates true-to-life feelings and emotions. With a 360 degrees view,  the feeling of participation in the process is ensured.

Types of VR porn movies:

In recent years, the business of VR adult films has increased considerably pushing the industry itself to a new stage in the entertainment for grownups.

Now, it is possible to choose between the male or female protagonists. These films have different bodies of the first person – the lap and hands of a woman or a man respectively. As in common porn, there multiple possibilities with regards to the number of participants and styles. However, VR porn is so peculiar due to the possibility to change the viewing from the point of different participants.

Due to pornography, the technology of virtual reality has got a spike in demand and sales of VR headsets. When a person buys a headset, after trying several games or movies, he or she will most likely subscribe to the resource offering an adult content and will check it out. No doubts, the impressions will hook up. It is hard to say what is more important in this blend – a content itself or the technology creating a new world around a viewer.

Naughty America – the First Porn Giant in VR Industry

In recent years, the number of search requests related to VR porn has raised by more than 1000 times. The sales of VR headsets in the year 2018 have reached around 4 million shipments worldwide. It is expected that by 2022, the market of VR headsets will reach 53.1 million items across the world.

It is already a well-known fact that virtual reality owes to pornography for its popularity and acknowledgment. Indeed, VR technology was designed and originally utilized in the gaming business. Though, it could have never reached such heights without porn content offered in the format of virtual reality.

The filmmaking studios which realized the potential of VR technology for the porn business are nowadays leading the market. Naughty America is among these front ranking porn production companies. Along with adult films in high resolution, the viewers are offered to watch movies in VR format.

The year 2016 can be considered as a boost of VR porn. Naughty America participated in the E3 International video games exhibition. When this piece of news was announced, gamers expected an erotic game in VR. However, the filmmaking company has surprised the audience.

The worldwide acknowledgment is proved in Japan. The thematic festival devoted to VR pornography was carried out in June 2016. However, the police had to stop it due to the enormous crowd attracted by the event.

What is Needed for Watching a VR Porn Film?

  • A VR headset available nowadays in a wide range from different manufacturers, at the cost from several dozens of US dollars up to thousand;
  • A subscription to Naughty America: a fair price from 5 to 20 dollars for monthly access to the premium content proposed by the website.

With porn films in VR, it is now possible to feel the breath of a well-known actress, to watch how she moves and experience an interaction along with eye contact. People tend to say that after experiencing virtual reality porn, it is not easy to return to watching regular 18+ films. So, the websites which have VR adult content at their disposal will have an increase of subscribers and members.

VR pornography is a growing industry which has placed it at a new stage of expansion and returned profitability to the porn business. Besides, the evolution of VR porn significantly contributes to the expansion and improvement of the technology itself.

Sex Robot Debate: Danger or Harmless Pleasure?

Thanks to the rapid advancement of the adult industry, you no longer need another human to have sex. VR porn provides complete immersion in the virtual porn environment, while special toys and even suits are synched up with the movements in the scene. Masturbating devices are also evolving. In 2018, a UK-resident purchased a  £15,000 state-of-the-art porn doll that can talk and remember his birthday. So are these human inventions a blessing or a curse?

Arguments Against

People opposed to the trend claim that porn robots will destroy human relationships. Since an artificial lover is never asked for consent, men may expect subservience from all females, viewing them as mere sexual receptacles. New York Times contributor Laura Bates labels sex robot  “misogynistic wish fulfillments”. She links them to sexual violence, warning that we are “normalizing rape by giving it a publicly acceptable face”.

There is even an initiative called The Campaign Against Sex Robots.  Launched by Kathleen Richardson, it argues that the spread of artificial lovers will drive up the levels of sexual assault, as men will be more likely to objectify women.

It may seem that porn robot have the potential to bring out the worst in people, especially males. After all, they use robotic female bodies to live out their naughty and violent fantasies. However, should we really fear these inventions so much?  

Arguments in Favor

There may be a more positive future ahead. Like any form of technology, robotic lovers are the product of human imagination. They express our choices and satisfy our desires.  Promotion of sexual assault in not inevitable.

With clever programming, robots could teach their users about consent and female pleasure. If humans design them to be useful, rather than dangerous, the invention will bring more good. Here are some of the potential educational uses highlighted by sex historian Hallie Lieberman.

  • General sex education: given the tactile and verbal feedback delivered by robots, they could be perfect education tools that would not pass judgement;
  • Teaching men about female consent;
  • Improving users’ sexual techniques, enabling them to better please their real-life partners;
  • Helping disabled people who are unable to have normal sex life.

For example, a female robot could teach men about the intricacies of women’s sexual pleasure, responding differently to different types of pressure on the clitoris. Its male counterpart would teach about the right degree of pressure on male genitals and the pleasures of prostate stimulation.

Overall, humans have only started producing robotic sex partners. Like any technology, these inventions could have a positive use unless they fall into the wrong hands. Robots are merely tools. How they change our world will entirely depend on their programming.

Sex Dolls Deliver Pleasure With Hefty Price Tags

Today, humans no longer need each other to experience sexual pleasure. The industry of VR porn offers incredible immersion and visual depth, while numerous sex toys and even suits may be synched up with the movements in the porn clip. On the other hand, standalone masturbating devices are also evolving. In the summer of 2018, a UK resident became the first buyer of a state-of-the-art sex puppet. The artificial lover cost the father of two, who goes by the name Brick Dollbanger, £15,000.

For this impressive price, you get a pretty hi-tech girl capable of orgasms and even remembering your birthday. It will memorize the owner’s tastes in food, movies, and music. According to the Sun newspaper, the 60-year-old already has five robotic lovers, which have cost him £150,000 over the past decade following his divorce.

Meet Harmony

The miracle AI bot called Harmony was manufactured Realbotix. This California-based producer is focused on developing lifelike robots. Here are their main features:

  • silicone skin and incredibly lifelike appearance;
  • control from a special app;
  • customizable features, from nipple color to labia to personality traits.

It is up to you to decide when your girl will get shy or jealous!

After testing his purchase, Dollbanger concluded: “If having sex with a real woman is a ten, then a sex puppet is eight, eight and a half.” The owner filmed the robot. In the videos, she speaks with a British accent and is very responsive. The phrases include “My day is wonderful now we are talking. I feel so good lately.” and “What about visiting an art gallery? We can have some coffee later.”

Other Dolls

Abyss Creations, the parent company of Realbox, also produces lifelike sex puppets under the brand name Real Doll. Their  PVC skeletons are poseable, and their silicone flesh emulates human skin. Each of their custom-made puppets costs between £4,770 and £8,620 plus.

Potential Uses

Naturally, sex puppets like Harmony are used to simulate a human partner for intercourse, but there is more. They could be extremely useful for lonely men who have no opportunities for real sex life. In fact, what drove Dollbanger’s purchase was longing for companionship. This means that robotic lovers like Harmony could be used for good purposes. After all, there are amputees, widowers and disfigured individuals like the first buyer, who struggle to connect with real people. The current price of such companions, however, is prohibitive for most people.

Sex Suits For Watching VR Porn

In VR porn, immersion is based on the visual means, but your pleasure may be boosted with the help of special haptic devices. There are multiple sex toys which may be synched up with the movements in the video. That way, sex scenes with the porn stars feel incredibly realistic. However, there is more. What is that physical simulation was taken to the maximum? A few companies have unveiled special full-body devices that mirror what you see in a VR headset. These are sex suits, and you will surely be impressed by this novelty!

Tenga Sex Suit

 In 2014, Japanese manufacturer Tenga started selling something bigger than a VR-porn masturbating gadget. It is a “full body virtual interface” for males which allows the viewer to engage their whole body in the process. That way, you feel you are having sex not just with your genitals. The suit can basically send impulses anywhere on a human body. The price tag is £300, which is comparable to high-end headsets like the Oculus Rift.

You do not need to undress, as the suit will fit over regular clothing and still provide the full experience. There are no options for ladies now, which conflicts with the company’s motto “revolutionizing sexual pleasure, bringing sexuality to the forefront for all to enjoy.” The latest Illusion VR version of the suit includes three main elements: headset, a prosthetic vagina and a pair of prosthetic breasts. At the moment, they all work together with a VR porn game titled “Sexy Beach.”


The first versions of the suit worked with an Oculus Rift dev model. Currently, the Tenga product is used with the Samsung Gear VR headset. Its main advantages are its wireless nature and superb resolution.

Tenga Cup

In essence, this is a prosthetic vagina, which has “amazing sucking sensation,” a “unique pinched-in shape,” and “gives a real deep-throat experience.”

Tech-wise, the device feel tight because of its pinched-in shape. It uses special valves to create a vacuum for sucking on a man’s tube snake through his trousers. It will even produce a slurping sound in the process! The only drawback is that it is meant for one-time use.

Novint Falcon

These are artificial breasts that will nestle to your chest for fondling. Basically, the company took a pair of silicon breasts and attached them to the Novint Falcon that directs the Tenga cup. The former is a gaming device used to manipulate 3D objects without a mouse.

Create your own full-body experience!

As of today, the Tengas are already sold out but do not despair. You can produce your own sex suit using the right parts. The Tenga cup and Novint Falcons may be ordered separately from such online retailers as Amazon or Walgreens. Next, you will need to get a pair of fake breasts, attach them to the Falcon and finish off with a little programming. The suit itself could be made out of simple garbage bags! This may sound surprising, but the sweaty sensations you get will realistically resemble those experienced during sex with a woman. So, you could wait for the Tenga suit to appear on sale again, or assemble your own miracle pleasure set!