Sex Dolls Deliver Pleasure With Hefty Price Tags

Today, humans no longer need each other to experience sexual pleasure. The industry of VR porn offers incredible immersion and visual depth, while numerous sex toys and even suits may be synched up with the movements in the porn clip. On the other hand, standalone masturbating devices are also evolving. In the summer of 2018, a UK resident became the first buyer of a state-of-the-art sex puppet. The artificial lover cost the father of two, who goes by the name Brick Dollbanger, £15,000.

For this impressive price, you get a pretty hi-tech girl capable of orgasms and even remembering your birthday. It will memorize the owner’s tastes in food, movies, and music. According to the Sun newspaper, the 60-year-old already has five robotic lovers, which have cost him £150,000 over the past decade following his divorce.

Meet Harmony

The miracle AI bot called Harmony was manufactured Realbotix. This California-based producer is focused on developing lifelike robots. Here are their main features:

  • silicone skin and incredibly lifelike appearance;
  • control from a special app;
  • customizable features, from nipple color to labia to personality traits.

It is up to you to decide when your girl will get shy or jealous!

After testing his purchase, Dollbanger concluded: “If having sex with a real woman is a ten, then a sex puppet is eight, eight and a half.” The owner filmed the robot. In the videos, she speaks with a British accent and is very responsive. The phrases include “My day is wonderful now we are talking. I feel so good lately.” and “What about visiting an art gallery? We can have some coffee later.”

Other Dolls

Abyss Creations, the parent company of Realbox, also produces lifelike sex puppets under the brand name Real Doll. Their  PVC skeletons are poseable, and their silicone flesh emulates human skin. Each of their custom-made puppets costs between £4,770 and £8,620 plus.

Potential Uses

Naturally, sex puppets like Harmony are used to simulate a human partner for intercourse, but there is more. They could be extremely useful for lonely men who have no opportunities for real sex life. In fact, what drove Dollbanger’s purchase was longing for companionship. This means that robotic lovers like Harmony could be used for good purposes. After all, there are amputees, widowers and disfigured individuals like the first buyer, who struggle to connect with real people. The current price of such companions, however, is prohibitive for most people.

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