Sex Suits For Watching VR Porn

In VR porn, immersion is based on the visual means, but your pleasure may be boosted with the help of special haptic devices. There are multiple sex toys which may be synched up with the movements in the video. That way, sex scenes with the porn stars feel incredibly realistic. However, there is more. What is that physical simulation was taken to the maximum? A few companies have unveiled special full-body devices that mirror what you see in a VR headset. These are sex suits, and you will surely be impressed by this novelty!

Tenga Sex Suit

 In 2014, Japanese manufacturer Tenga started selling something bigger than a VR-porn masturbating gadget. It is a “full body virtual interface” for males which allows the viewer to engage their whole body in the process. That way, you feel you are having sex not just with your genitals. The suit can basically send impulses anywhere on a human body. The price tag is £300, which is comparable to high-end headsets like the Oculus Rift.

You do not need to undress, as the suit will fit over regular clothing and still provide the full experience. There are no options for ladies now, which conflicts with the company’s motto “revolutionizing sexual pleasure, bringing sexuality to the forefront for all to enjoy.” The latest Illusion VR version of the suit includes three main elements: headset, a prosthetic vagina and a pair of prosthetic breasts. At the moment, they all work together with a VR porn game titled “Sexy Beach.”


The first versions of the suit worked with an Oculus Rift dev model. Currently, the Tenga product is used with the Samsung Gear VR headset. Its main advantages are its wireless nature and superb resolution.

Tenga Cup

In essence, this is a prosthetic vagina, which has “amazing sucking sensation,” a “unique pinched-in shape,” and “gives a real deep-throat experience.”

Tech-wise, the device feel tight because of its pinched-in shape. It uses special valves to create a vacuum for sucking on a man’s tube snake through his trousers. It will even produce a slurping sound in the process! The only drawback is that it is meant for one-time use.

Novint Falcon

These are artificial breasts that will nestle to your chest for fondling. Basically, the company took a pair of silicon breasts and attached them to the Novint Falcon that directs the Tenga cup. The former is a gaming device used to manipulate 3D objects without a mouse.

Create your own full-body experience!

As of today, the Tengas are already sold out but do not despair. You can produce your own sex suit using the right parts. The Tenga cup and Novint Falcons may be ordered separately from such online retailers as Amazon or Walgreens. Next, you will need to get a pair of fake breasts, attach them to the Falcon and finish off with a little programming. The suit itself could be made out of simple garbage bags! This may sound surprising, but the sweaty sensations you get will realistically resemble those experienced during sex with a woman. So, you could wait for the Tenga suit to appear on sale again, or assemble your own miracle pleasure set!