Naughty America – the First Porn Giant in VR Industry

In recent years, the number of search requests related to VR porn has raised by more than 1000 times. The sales of VR headsets in the year 2018 have reached around 4 million shipments worldwide. It is expected that by 2022, the market of VR headsets will reach 53.1 million items across the world.

It is already a well-known fact that virtual reality owes to pornography for its popularity and acknowledgment. Indeed, VR technology was designed and originally utilized in the gaming business. Though, it could have never reached such heights without porn content offered in the format of virtual reality.

The filmmaking studios which realized the potential of VR technology for the porn business are nowadays leading the market. Naughty America is among these front ranking porn production companies. Along with adult films in high resolution, the viewers are offered to watch movies in VR format.

The year 2016 can be considered as a boost of VR porn. Naughty America participated in the E3 International video games exhibition. When this piece of news was announced, gamers expected an erotic game in VR. However, the filmmaking company has surprised the audience.

The worldwide acknowledgment is proved in Japan. The thematic festival devoted to VR pornography was carried out in June 2016. However, the police had to stop it due to the enormous crowd attracted by the event.

What is Needed for Watching a VR Porn Film?

  • A VR headset available nowadays in a wide range from different manufacturers, at the cost from several dozens of US dollars up to thousand;
  • A subscription to Naughty America: a fair price from 5 to 20 dollars for monthly access to the premium content proposed by the website.

With porn films in VR, it is now possible to feel the breath of a well-known actress, to watch how she moves and experience an interaction along with eye contact. People tend to say that after experiencing virtual reality porn, it is not easy to return to watching regular 18+ films. So, the websites which have VR adult content at their disposal will have an increase of subscribers and members.

VR pornography is a growing industry which has placed it at a new stage of expansion and returned profitability to the porn business. Besides, the evolution of VR porn significantly contributes to the expansion and improvement of the technology itself.